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Magic Rings, Wonder Rings, Mystic Ring, Healing Ring, Most Powerful 2 - Wolfsberg

Location: Austria, Karnten, Wolfsberg
Date Posted: 28 December
Price: 500
Phone: +27783371663

A quality set of eight linking rings can be obtained from a supplier of magic props. Most consider 8-inch-diameter (200 mm) rings to be the smallest size suited for stage performance, while 12-inch (300 mm) rings are common; 15-inch (380 mm) rings are also available, but rarely seen in use. Larger sizes are often constructed from stainless steel tubing for the best combination of durability and weight. Professionals may wish to have a set of larger-diameter rings for use on a stage, or a 'close-up' set of rings in the 4–5 inches (10–13 cm) range.
Many magicians look for rings that make a nice ring tone when they strike each other.
early magical ring in European mythology is the arm ring named Draupnir worn by the Norse god Odin. Because its only reported function was to create more gold arm bands every nine days, Draupnir may have been a religious symbol which represented the increasing of wealth. The ring was placed onto Baldr's funeral pyre, but Baldr gave Draupnir back to Hermod when he came looking for him in Hel and so the ring was returned to Odin from the land of death, with its new-found ability to replicate.[8] Another Norse ring was called Andvarinaut. Andvarinaut is the famous Ring of the Niebelungfrom The Volsunga Saga and The Nibelungenlied, which eventually becomes the property of the hero Siegfried or Sigurd. How it came to be cursed is explained in detail in The Volsunga Saga,[9] Andvarinaut's use is never specifically given in the story: its curse is si



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